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The Great Place to Work Institute has named the best employer in 2013 in Switzerland. In the category of large companies with 250 or more employees, Google Switzerland has prevailed and was awarded as the best employer in 2013. Google Zurich brings Googlers together from 75 countries to work on some of the most challenging engineering problems around, making products used by millions of people.
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Inside Google Zurich

Here in Zurich, we like to think of ourselves as „the real Mountain View.“ Not because we’re the company’s engineering headquarters for Europe, the Middle East and Africa (EMEA), but because of the views out our top-floor Sky Lounge’s windows. Trust us, the Alps may look impressive in Google Earth, but in person, they’re spectacular.

Our office has a different design theme on each floor, massage stations and restaurant-quality food. Our latest feature for foodies: A cafeteria called fork(), which may serve the best Asian food in Zurich. Our engineers (a third of whom have a Ph.D.) do important work across our technology groups, and our launches have included Maps for EMEA, Search refresh, key Gmail features like the priority inbox and account abuse protection, and content ID and monetization products for YouTube.

With Googlers from across EMEA, Zooglers are an especially diverse bunch. Take a two-minute walk to the cafeteria, and you’ll probably hear more languages than you can count on both hands.



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Google Switzerland
Brandschenkestrasse 110
8002 Zürich

[email protected]

Telefon: 044 668 18 00

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